Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hanging with students

For the best part of a decade now I've been working with undergraduates for two months over the summer, teaching them as best I can how to be a research mathematician.   I've loved doing it: even though it is hard work, it is very rewarding. 
This year our grant to run the program was up for renewal, and unfortunately our proposal was not chosen for funding.  This has had several consequences: firstly, that for the first time in a long time I have had time to just be over the summer; second, that I have no income for a couple of months (as you might imagine, this is a very negative consequence); and last, and another negative consequence, I've not had incredibly bright undergraduates around me all the time, wanting to discuss mathematics. 
Today, I visited a nearby university, one with such a research program running, and got to hang out with the students --- tomorrow I get to go and hear all about what they are doing, learn about their projects, their research, and, perhaps, put in a few suggestions to help guide what they do for the next few weeks.  It was a lovely day, and I expect tomorrow to be just as good.

Yours, reminded of what I've missed over the past few weeks,

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