Sunday, June 26, 2011

Occasionally we try for good deeds

Yesterday afternoon we took the children swimming, and with us, we took Boo's friend A: Boo and Skibo are swimming like crazy these days -- far better than LOML or me, as is not surprising, since they are in swim team lessons every morning: but A had not had lessons in a long time, and was far less comfortable in the water.

LOML started out with her, trying to help her learn to find her comfort and safety zone, and then I joined in.  We tried to give her some lessons on how to float, and how to not panic, and by the end of the couple of hours we were there she was doing so much better -- trying to swim, putting her face in the water when she did so, and generally enjoying the whole experience.

Unfortunately, our attention to her didn't go down well with Boo, who attributed it to our loving her friend more that we loved her.  And as much as we tried to talk to her about it, she closed her ears and mind to us.

Later, friends offered both Boo and Skibo the chance of a sleepover: initially, Boo leapt at the chance, but later, she reneged, and decided to stay with mummy and daddy instead -- I'm pretty sure that it was because she felt in need of a little attention.

Yours, wishing this was not an issue, but understanding why it might be,

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