Monday, June 20, 2011

Swim team, with two participants

Skibo insisted today that he wasn't going to swim.  No way, no how.
Boo was happy to go, but wanted her brother to swim too.

How to resolve the issues?  Well, first, insist that Skibo have his trunks under his clothes, then make sure we actually ended up at the pool ahead of time.  After that, the coach persuaded Skibo to help him move some floats, and asked whether he'd help lead the stretching.  Skibo helped moved the floats, but put his foot down on anything more.

Boo joined in the stretching (she really wanted Skibo involved too, but at least she agreed  to do it without him) and then all the other kids jumped into the pool.

Skibo took one look at them, tugged my hand, and said "I'm going to go change", went into the changing rooms and took his clothes off --- which he could have done pool-side, since his trunks were on underneath --- jumped into the pool, and did a fantastic job.

I'm anticipating this battle happening every day until school is back!  But hopefully, I'll be proved wrong and they'll discover the fact that they enjoy swim team, and will therefore want to do it...

Yours, thinking "they've already discovered they enjoy the swimming" part

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