Friday, June 17, 2011

Boo is back!

And she had a wonderful week at horse camp (or cowgirl camp, or whatever the name is).   It seems that there was one day when she got a little teary and homesick, but by and large it sounds like she managed wonderfully!

To celebrate her return (and the return of her friend M as well), we had the family over for dinner this evening: I cooked burgers (laced with hidden vegetables for all except M, a dedicated carnivore who won't touch a trace of bell pepper, or onion, or garlic), and served up some more of the Harvest Mix salad I've been eating for a few days now (still delicious).  Delicious meal, if I say so myself!

Yours, happy to have Boo back,

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carmilevy said...

Trips away from home: The stuff from which lives are built.

Our young lady was in Washington, DC with her classmates for a week. The house wasn't the same without her, and her return was a joyous one for us all. Cool to know we're not alone.