Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tomorrow is LOML's birthday

but for the sake of time and simplicity, we're celebrating this afternoon and evening. Consequently, Boo and Skibo and I have been busy in the kitchen, making the food of choice (pizza topped with tomato sauce, onions and cheese), and I've been putting together a cherry bombe (cherries simmered in sugar, water, lemon juice, a little brandy, thickened with a little cornstarch, folded into whipped cream, frozen in a bowl, then covered in chocolate ganache and chilled) for dessert.
Along the way, I made a discovery --- I've had problems in the past extracting the frozen cherry and cream mixture from a bowl: I've typically lined the bowl with plastic wrap, and the wrap has frozen to the glass bowl, and I have to tug and thaw and curse volubly to get it out. This time I lined the bowl first with aluminium foil, then plastic wrap, then poured the mixture in. And the foil-wrapped frozen dessert just popped out. I haven't yet removed the foil and plastic wrap, but certainly this part was easier! Hope that the tip helps if you make it sometime. And now the tip is here, I've got it for next time:-)

Yours, off to coat the bombe with chocolate,

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