Monday, August 31, 2009

First attempt at sourdough

I ordered a sourdough crock and a sourdough starter this month from King Arthur Flour ([waves at PJ]) (my favourite place to order breadmaking supplies despite the fact that their flour is much more expensive than everyone else's) (and I'm still buying their flour).
Anyway, this weekend, having fed, nourished, divided and multiplied the starter, I made my first batches of bread with it. Being somewhat intimidated by the LaBrea bakery book (especially the baking schedules) and having fewer days to bake at this time of year than others, I went with the KA Baking recipe for Pain Levain. I made two batches, one made basically as suggested, the other with the addition of a little yeast at the appropriate time.
Not easy to distinguish between the two batches: both tasted good, both showed my inexperience at crumb-issues for sourdough, and both could have been better.

But by and large, fun to make, fun to bake, fun to eat. I'll keep the starter going and bake from it (when I have the time) for a little while yet.

Yours, reasonably happy,

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