Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The beach, part 8

We usually pay the fee to have the rental agency clean the house: and when there are two families sharing a house, and the fee is $60 per family, this is a reasonable proposition. But we didn't get the cleaning request in by the deadline, and so it would have been $170, and since we were just one family in the house, this became untenable.

So I took the children down to the beach, while LOML swept, cleaned, scrubbed and got the house ready. Admittedly, I got much the better end of that deal....

Boo and Skibo went into the water, but only as far as the edge -- and when Boo saw a dead jellyfish swept up onto the beach, that was the end of them going into the water this year. And so they decided to build a swimming pool, digging a hole about four feet across, with the waves lapping and threatening to first fill and then wash aaway the pool.

They also drew pictures in the sand using shells as nibs --- boats, fish and dolphins. All washed away before we left, but beautiful in their temporary way.

Thence to the car, goodbyes said to our friends, and to the house, and to the beach. And five hours later, we were pulling into our driveway, ready to be home.

Yours, so glad I can occasionally get a vacation,

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