Thursday, August 27, 2009

Name the public option, not the bill

What many others are saying, I will echo.
Name the public option after Senator Kennedy: just as Roth IRAs, Pell grants, Fulbright fellowships and Goldwater scholarships are named after individuals, let's not name the bill after Teddy: let's name the public option insurance plan after him instead.
The risk is obvious: we name the bill after him, blue dogs and the right get out their stilettos and their machetes and slice and dice and we are left with a piece of dogs dinner, which has the right name and is harder to oppose, even though it is a piece of shoe-leather-sticking-to-cat-poop.
So let's not name the bill after him: let's fight like those cats and dogs for the right bill, and let's name the aspect of the bill which will make it work, given the political constraints we are under, let's name the public option after him.

Yours, in agreement with the vast left wing conspiracy on this one,

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