Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The beach, part 4

Tuesday was Skibo's 5th birthday: although we'd celebrated with a party the previous week, we of course celebrated as well on his actual birthday: at his request we ordered pizza in from the lone pizza place on the island, and again, at his request, I put together my standard dessert pizza (thanks, Joke!) of brioche topped with raspberry coulis and white chocolate. This time I bought block chocolate and grated it onto the pizza before it went into the oven for the second bake -- and other than the fact that I put too little on the pie, it's clearly the way to go, rather than melting and drizzling as I had done before.

The other thing that we did for his birthday, to help make it special for him, was to go kayaking in the estuary. We went with the same guides as last year, who much to our surprise and delight remembered us: her little girl, just a little older than Boo, was there again, and the three children really hit it off, diving and swimming off the dock long after the kayaking was done.

An absolutely delightful day, both for the birthday, and for the opportunity to meet someone a second time and cement a previous, tenuous, friendship!

Yours, having enjoyed the paddling,

Pizza and pizza for dinner

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