Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The beach, part 2

Sunday we got up early-ish and headed to the Sound side of the island (where the waves are much gentler, and the tides more gradual) since it was high tide, and the ocean beach was a little fierce for our first full day. We spent a very pleasant few hours there, swimming, sunning, sandcastling, swimming, sunning, etc before eating lunch right there on the beach.
That afternoon, LOML had arranged to meet with an old friend who lives a few miles from there --- so I ran to the store while they got together: a very pleasant visit, I gather.
After the visit, we all went down to the beach (ocean side) and had some fun playing in the big waves. Finally we threw together a quick dinner of brats and hot dogs, corn, carrots and chips. Beach food.
All in all, a gentle day at the beach, filled with fun and friends and food. Just the way a vacation should be.

Yours, reminiscing,

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