Saturday, August 29, 2009

A day with children, an evening with friends

LOML drove to the coast today --- friends of ours have been there for medium-term medical care, and when we heard that they were worried about how to get all their stuff back up here this week, we immediately volunteered that one of us would drive down to bring back enough that they could fit the rest in their car.
So I stayed with the children: we made bread this morning, and tomorrow we will get to try to make sourdough for the first time: I've fed a starter enough to use it for a batch of bread, and am looking forward (with just a little trepidation!) to see what it will be like.

This evening we went to a pot-luck at some friends: delicious food, very pleasant company, and new people to meet. And one of those moments --- "I've met that person somewhere" --- reciprocated, yet --- and yet cannot figure out where. Ah well....

Yours, enjoying the thought of making bread three days running,

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