Sunday, August 16, 2009

Computers, again

I promise, when I get my laptop fixed, I'll cease talking tooooo much about computers.
But I'm working on my tablet this evening, and it is slow. Like molasses, slow. But I've heard that firefox, which is one of the things I'm running, is slow on windows, so I try out google chrome. Much snappier, I must say, and what I'm trying to do (simple stuff) works.
Until it stops. But that's because the network just dies on me. I reboot, and it works. For at least twenty minutes: then it dies on me.
I try a log out and log in: nope: it takes a reboot.
Then a window pops up informing me that the tablet driver isn't working.
And this is the machine I'm supposed to use in a classroom environment as of this week.

Yours, imagining "sorry, let me just reboot again and see if I can get that slide back",

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