Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Health care

It appears that there is a generational disparity here: those of us under 50 (however close some of us might be) are in favour of Obama's plans, while those older are not.
Now, folks over 65 are typically covered by Medicare. And a bunch of people (mostly men) not too much older than I am served in Vietnam, and are covered by Veterans Administration health benefits. And presumably, these are all folks who are being scared by the prospect that if health care is expanded to cover everyone, then it will lead to an averaging of benefits (those who have, lose, those who don't, gain).
Such a shame that the debate can't be framed in such a way as to persuade these people that this is not going to happen. And, of course, to make sure that it doesn't.
And it would be really nice if those folks who like their current government run plan and are afraid of the averaging would let the public know how well a single-payer plan can work....

Yours, insured, but dissatisfied with the plan,

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