Monday, August 17, 2009

The beach, part 1

We had hoped to meet up with some friends on Saturday who live near the beach, but they were busy, so we postponed them until Sunday. Instead, we made plans originally to visit the snake museum, and then modified our plans on the fly to visit a mini-golf course en route, and meet up with our friends who were going to stay next door to us.
Lots of fun to see the three children running around the greens putting away happily.
We then drove on to the island, checked in, and went to the house.

Somewhat dismayed, we resolved to make the best of it. We've been spoiled in the past, and the house this year just didn't live up to our expectations. In particular, there was no dishwasher --- but at least LOML managed to talk them into giving us a discount, since the web had advertised a dishwasher. Still, spartan as it might have been, it was only a base for us to stay, not a home from home, for a week.

Later Saturday we went to the beach for a while, threw together a stir fry with fresh shrimp and lovely big scallops, and then to bed.

Yours, remembering,

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