Monday, April 27, 2009


One of the loveliest things about where we live is the sense of community it provides. Our town is small enough that we know a significant proportion of the people who live there, almost everyone is on first name terms with our mayor and town council, and people generally get along well.

This year is the tenth time we've run a town leadership group: bringing together a dozen or two participants to learn more about the town, and to encourage them to become leaders in the volunteer groups, helping to beautify, build, and better the community. Last night was we had a get-together for the 150+ people who have participated in the program over the years, and it was lovely to see a good turnout (not 150, but I'd guess that over half of them were there), to reflect on past successes of the groups, and to look forward to future projects. One difference this year: the current group is going to announce their project this year on twitter.

Yours, in praise of community, and of community spirit,

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