Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Doomed. We're doomed.

I had hope that it would never come to this. LOML and I tried so hard to prevent it from happening. But yesterday we succumbed, and henceforth we are doomed.

Yes, Boo has a Barbie(TM) doll. With "cuttable" hair (it attaches with little plastic snaps, which can be detached using a special pair of "scissors"). Said hair remained completely untangled for at least ten minutes after the package arrived in the house, and for several minutes even after the package was opened.

Of course, the opposite of "completely untangled" is not "completely tangled", and it hasn't quite reached that stage yet. Several hours to go before then, I suspect.

Oh well. We fought a good fight. Boo won.

Yours, defeated,

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