Saturday, April 18, 2009

Time with Skibo

Since LOML and Boo were away today (and tomorrow), Skibo and I had a chance to have some nice time together. We had one of his friends over for dinner --- we made pizza, which was nice --- and then we all sat and watched Pinocchio together. A lovely time was had by all. And since he was up a little, but only a little, later than usual, he went to sleep reasonably quickly and easily.

Tomorrow morning we'll take Monty for a long walk, and then get to making lasagna for dinner:-) And listen again to lots of loud rock music --- he has become insistent over the past couple of days that he wants to listen to wild rock music --- by which I believe that he means electric guitar played fast and loud. Time to dig out some old 70's albums....

Yours, enjoying the one-on-one time for a little while,

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