Thursday, April 2, 2009

A lovely child

Boo is a trip sometimes. She can be such a pain, but then on occasion she makes up for it all and more.
This evening, Skibo was being the pain. Royal PITA pain. We were sitting playing (with) the piano before bedtime, taking turns at the keyboard. And it was Boo's turn, so I asked him to wait for her to be done: she immediately offered to let him on at once, but he'd already stormed off in a huff and was tantruming out on his bed. So she went in, and immediately started to try to comfort him, gently trying to help him out of his snit, really trying hard to make him happy. For a six year old, she's an amazing armchair psychologist.
Not that she got him out of the snit, mind you: but at least he stopped screaming!

Yours, proud of my little girl,

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