Tuesday, April 14, 2009


As always at this time of the year I am beginning to feel burned out. The semester has another week or two to go before exams, and in both the high level research course and the folding course I'm feeling uninspired to come up with new material. I will do so, of course, but I'd be happy if they snowed us out for the next two weeks.
I'm definitely in need of the couple of weeks break I'll get before the summer gets crazy: and then I get 13 weeks of hectic, counting down to the beach in August. I think I'll just hibernate for the two coming weeks:-)

Yours, burned, but not blistered,

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awareness said...

toasty eh? I spent Easter weekend dinner with friends, most of whom are academics. two of them fell asleep on couches right after the meal, and the other two walked around with a deer in the lights look.

it will be over soon!!!! :)