Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Congratulations to my student, J

Who has continued my tradition: over the past five years, my four PhD students have each won the outstanding graduate student teaching award. Across campus, yet! They award two per year, which means that my students have taken fully 40% of the awards.
And congratulations to my colleague's student, E, on whose PhD committee I served, who took the outstanding graduate student teaching award. Again, across the whole campus.

Yours, thrilled to see my students doing so well!


alice c said...

Goodness - that is an outstanding record. You must be an inspirational mentor. Congratulations to you.

BreadBox said...

I've taught them everything they know. All I had to say, in truth, was "do as you know best: learn from my mistakes"
--- and then make plenty of mistakes for them to learn from:-)