Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring break for children

Spring break comes but once a year.  Unfortunately, the one time it comes is different for me than for the children.  Consequently, I enjoyed my spring break a couple of weeks ago, and Boo and Skibo are off this week.  This makes it impossible to go anywhere as a family.
LOML has a class on Monday mornings, so I'm staying home until lunchtime with the little ones.  We've been exercising on the Wii (I've already managed to shed a pound or two of the extra I was showing yesterday, which is reassuring), although it's hard to call what they are doing "exercising": they are doing the island run game: they are supposed to jog on the spot, but they've discovered that if they gently shake the remote it works better.  So that's the way they insist on playing it, much to LOML and my amusement.

Yours, wishing the schedules could be better aligned, but knowing that wishing won't make it so,

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