Friday, April 22, 2011

Exercise, the wii, and a personal trainer

I don't think that I need a personal trainer: perhaps it would help, but it has always seemed rather like an extreme luxury.  A buddy system for exercising? Perhaps: but I haven't had the exercise buddies since my days rowing as an undergraduate.
But the Wii fit?  It tracks days I miss, and days I don't: it graphs my weight, and tells me when I am -- or am not --- obese:  and it shows how many hours I've put into exercising with it: and it's ridiculous, but knowing that I've been doing this for 84 days, and have accumulated a little over 81 hours is driving me to want to do a bit over an hour each day, just to get the average up.

Yours, recognizing that this is in spite of recording no exercise for 6 days when I was in India, and hence the average is ridiculous,

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