Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Experiences

Boo and Skibo got to do something new today (well, not quite new, but they'd only done this once before, and it was a long time ago).  One of LOML's friends, Pat, has some horses, and invited us over this morning so that the children could ride them.
When called, the horses came thundering in from the field, cantering around us, finally slowing and coming in for a visit.  Almost as quickly, they cantered off again.  Pat finally walked off after them with a halter, and led one into the paddock, then led the other two into a fenced off area, and the children got a chance to try riding.
Boo was first: we lifted her up onto the horse, she grasped a hunk of mane, and Pat led her round in a circle.  She was rather nervous at first, but after five minutes or so she had relaxed and was enjoying it thoroughly.
Skibo took his turn, also a little nervous, and also soon enjoyed himself.
For a good part of an hour, they took turns, more and more comfortable.
We're really looking forward to the next time!

Yours, really grateful to Pat for this wonderful opportunity!

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