Saturday, April 2, 2011

A bunch of cranes

In support of the Million Cranes project, I taught a bunch of girl scouts, from daisies to juniors, to fold origami cranes today.
This was a bit of a challenge: daisies are in kindergarten or first grade, and I've never faced teaching cranes to anything lower than second grade before.  But I precreased a bunch of paper for them, so that they could focus on folding and creasing, and not finding the right place to fold, and thanks to a lot of enthusiastic (if inexperienced) volunteers helping me, they did a fantastic job!

A decade or so ago, I asked a colleague, an expert at origami, for any suggestions as to how to teach origami cranes to second graders: the response was "Wow!  You're ambitious, aren't you?"  Nonetheless, I think that it can be done quite successfully, and the fact that even the littlest ones were able to contribute cranes today means a lot to me!

Yours, proud of all my junior folders,

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