Monday, April 18, 2011

A call for a new Robin Hood!

In the current state of affairs in this country, watching what is going on in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and New Jersey is depressing.  But tonight, Michigan takes the cake.  Michigan's governor pressed for, and obtained, a law allowing him to essentially strip the local government of their powers, appoint a representative to take over from them, and force them to do whatever the hell he wants them to.

In the case of Benton Harbor, they were given the rights to a beautiful sandy beach a long time ago: but a corporation who makes kitchen and laundry appliances, and whose name might rhyme with curlcool, who used to employ a lot of people there, has a plan.  Seems they own a lot of land where they used to put people to work and they want to build an entertainment complex, golf course, etc, there.  That is fine.  The problem is that they also want to take the beach from the city and make it for the use of their members.

The city objected, and the previous governor pointed out that there was nothing that she needed to do --- the city government runs this, and they don't want it, so it won't happen.
But now, there is a law in place, which has been implemented in this instance, whereby the governor can declare a municipality fiscally at risk, and appoint his own representative, who has, essentially, Sheriff of Nottingham powers over the town.

I'm not calling for slings or arrows against this outrageous fortune. 
But I'd love to see a few righteous judges slap this down!

Yours, frustrated enough to snap a quarter staff,

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