Sunday, April 3, 2011

Exercise and diet

 A lesson in exercise and diet today: for various reasons, I didn't exercise on the wii as much early in the day (read: at all) as I had intended: this is okay, since I was able to do a fair bit late in the evening.
However, for other reasons, I ate rather less healthily than sometimes too, and as is often the case, the reason for the unhealthiness also makes it the sort of food that I want to eat more of.  And I did.
Somehow, according to the wii fit boards weight measurement, I put on about six pounds during the course of the day.  Now, I intend to make them vanish as soon as possible, and some of them may have been fluid retention.  Nonetheless, I didn't think that I had actually taken in that much weight in food and drink!

Yours, thinking that it is nice that even when I do something like that I'm still well under my previous weight,

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