Sunday, April 10, 2011


We spent a lovely morning today, exploring a local park, in the "big" (rather small) city forty-five minutes from here.  There's a stunning suspension-style bridge (stunning unless, like me, one suffers from oh-my-god-I-have-to-walk-down-the-middle syndrome:-)) and waterfalls, vistas and scenery galore.
Then we took a walk downtown: Boo and I were particularly taken by the quotations in bronze embedded in the sidewalk (or as I used to call it, pavement): ranging from anonymous, to Yogi Berra to Mark Twain, a lovely selection of quotes.
We had lunch at a chain not-quite-fast-food restaurant: decent enough, quite tasty, in fact: but I'm suffering from taking this whole getting-healthier thing seriously, and decided that no, I couldn't have a burger, no, I couldn't have fries, and no, I couldn't have chicken wings.  The thai salad was not too bad, but I resented every minute while eating it the fact that it wasn't wings!

Yours, attempting to make healthier decisions, and resenting myself for it,

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