Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wash hands

Exhortations are all over: wash hands, wash hands, wash hands. And unlike the similar instruction to use antibacterial hand wash all the time (which annoys the heck out of me for two reasons: a) the flu is not bacterial and b) overuse of antibacterial products is training stronger bugs, not keeping us safer) I tend to think that the wash hands often is a good idea.

And of course, one should always use water at a hot temperature --- not enough to burn, but hot enough to encourage the universal solubility plus the (hopefully non-antibacterial) soap to wash off the nastiness. So, naturally enough, the hot water in the department is now not hot.
It's not luke warm. It's not even matthew, john or doubting thomas warm.
It's luke really cold. To be precise, I'd say, it's about 70 degrees. Fahrenheit.
If you let it run for long enough, that is. It starts out at about 50.

Yours, pouring cold water on this "handwashing" deal...

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