Friday, October 2, 2009

Origami in the classroom again

A new term, both children in the same school -- Boo in first grade, Skibo in 5K, and I've told both their teachers that I would like to come in and do origami with their classes. (Actually, I have told the principal that I'd be happy to go into any class, and I have talked to a handful of other teachers too, but that is another matter).
Today I made my first visit: it happened to be to Skibo's class: he's in a rather large group this year (25 students!) which made me rather unsure about just going in and teaching five year olds to fold: I was, in retrospect, absolutely right: the class is still at the stage of learning to focus (which as we all know is difficult at that age) and it would take a long time to teach that many students with groups of three or four. I'll do it, but not for a few months yet, I think.

Boo's class is next week. Her class is much smaller, and older, and I suspect that it will be much less intimidating to me!

Yours, folding on one, raising on the other, for now.

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