Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy sunday afternoons

A lazy sunday all around --- we went to the botanical gardens, as is our tradition, for a walk, followed by a visit to the bookstore to buy more in the "Magic Treehouse" series of books: Boo and Skibo are totally enthralled by the adventures of Jack and Annie, and at a couple of bucks per volume, I'm more than happy to feed this addiction! (Even if, at $2 per copy, for short books, they are more expensive than many adult books!)

Naps in the afternoon, and then baking bread, roasting chicken and potatoes, and just hanging with friends for dinner.

Yours, in bliss,


Anonymous said...

We were your twinnies this evening! We also roasted chicken and potatoes!

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike! We also roasted chicken and potatoes this evening! It was such a delicious fall weather/ sunday evening thing to do!

Liz said...

Somewhere in the past week or so I saw a post about the Magic Treehouse books, which my kids used to just love. I guess the continued popularity answers my question of whether they've held up to the passage of the years or not! (But have you thought about getting them from the library?)Much cheaper!

And I'm glad "lazy" was preceded by a walk -- I was going to, but never made it outside. My oldest daughter was home from college and I ended up doing some things with her, including buying her groceries to re-stock the cupboards back at school. Oh well. It's FINALLY nice here, so maybe I can get a walk in later, even though I went to an exercise class early this morning. I'm really working on kicking up the activity level, both personally and in terms of a healthy family lifestyle. "Family Fit" has some great tips (it's by a doctor -- John Mayer) on getting the hwole family involved, in things that are fun, and get you moving. The book gives activities and interests to maximize time spent together -- kind of a multi-tasking way to good health.

Maybe we'll have chicken and potatoes tonight. That sounds so good...