Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An interesting day

This morning the principal of Boo and Skibo's school held a meet-and-greet from 8 until 9: I went along, drank the coffee and ignored the doughnuts, and generally asked a lot of questions. At the end of the hour, we all stood to leave, and she asked if I would care to continue the discussions --- so we headed back to her office for another hour and a half of looking at the breakdown of statistics by grade level, seeing how good students and weak students were or were not being best served by the school, and discussing how the school was going to do in the future. A very interesting discussion indeed.
And following this, she introduced me to the art teacher, who is thrilled by the idea of having me help with a few art classes, mainly at the 3-6 grade levels, which is great, because those are levels where I've not made any connections. And she has a lot of ideas for combining origami with other art ideas too....

Yours, excited to be involved,

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