Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Evening/Morning baking

I think that I have figured out, even with the schedule I have at the moment, how to make bread during the week. Early in the morning, refresh the sourdough starter. Get in at 5:00 or 5:30, and get the starter, flour and water incorporated, and leave for the autolyse phase for half an hour, during which time I can work on dinner, play with the children, or whatever. After the autolyse, I knead the dough (adding salt, and enough extra water to get the dough to the wetness I want). Leave the dough to proof for a couple of hours, fold the dough a little to gently help develop the gluten, and after another half-hour to an hour's rest, shape.
Leave it to rise on the counter overnight (out kitchen is pretty cool), and with the oven timed to come on in time to preheat for a 6am bake, throw the loaves in the oven when I wake up.
Drink tea, wake up properly, and take the dough out of the oven.

Bingo. (not necessarily) easy midweek bread.

Yours, proofing like mad,

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awareness said...

So, while you're up kneading and baking, know that I'm up sipping tea looking for my muse. :) Good to know another crazy person is up that early.