Friday, October 23, 2009


I gather that there are groups on the net, on the web, on the intertubes, who decide to get together to fulfil personal goals. In particular, every November they get together to write for a month.
I promise that I'm not going to promise to join them. That's the best I can do, I assure you.

Yours, wondering what all the acronyms will stand for....

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awareness said...

I've never been a joiner. I did give a writing group a go once. I was so excited about the prospect of meeting with people who had the same passion.... That lasted all of 3 meetings and then got my sorry soul out of there. Turned out the group were individuals who wrote most of their days.... some were full-timers. So, the writing group was really an encounter group. When they found out I was a counsellor? they inundated me with their "issues." It was THE last thing I was looking for.

so, I'll take a pass too. :)