Monday, October 26, 2009

More coincidences????

So now, facebook, where I am known by my actual factual name, B. Read Box, is suggesting friends for me. But the strange thing is, that unlike most of fb's suggestions, which fall into two categories, people I know in real life, or are at least friends of people I really know, and people about whom I know absolutely nothing, and appear to have no friends in common, now, there is a third category.
People are showing up as prospective friends, people with whom I have a distinct connection, but only through this blog.
So, if you get a strange facebook friend request, now you know why a stranger may be friending you. Facebook knows who you are.
And the really startling, disturbing thing? In a couple of instances, I was able to determine the real name of someone who consistently posts under a pseudonym, because I was invited to befriend both facebook accounts, the real name and the blogname. And the accounts were consecutive suggestions.

Yours, seriously disturbed by this,

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