Friday, October 2, 2009

Decline of the american empire

I'm delighted for Rio. Good luck to them! I'd have been happy for Chicago too, even if the US did have the Olympics back in '96. I'd have been delighted for Tokyo too. Madrid? Well, if they'd won it would sort have made a mockery of not giving to the US since they were here in '96.
What is this, now? Four of the five continents will have hosted the olympics? Let's hope that someday soon we'll get the other continent (I'm sure it must be tiny and insignificant) to host too.

In light, perhaps, of the news from Texas, the loss of the Olympics is unsurprising. After all, who'd want to send a cosmopolitan event to a country which includes Texas? Let's see: no, gays can't get married. That's bad enough.
But since gays can't get married, they can't get divorced? That sounds like one of those crazy ideas dreamed up at "Liberty" "University"'s "School" of "Law": "let's not let them get married, but if they are married and come here, let's not let them get divorced: that will give them an incentive not to get married in the first place!"

Yours, just astonished by the lengths folks go to be uninclusive.

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