Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lettuce and Peppers and Parsnips, oh my!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving to all my friends in Canada! We celebrated a day early, since Columbus day is not a holiday celebrated by the children's school, or by their soccer team, or the daisy girl scout troop, and so there's absolutely no time for a feast tomorrow.

In spite of this weekend being fall break for me, we were able to find a friend to come over and help celebrate thanksgiving: Boo and Skibo's friend M, and they went running around the garden playing, imagining, and having fun. LOML told them they could pick some lettuce and eat it if they wished: unfortunately this led to them thinking they could pick and eat some other food too.
One taste of jalapenos later (we think that it was jalapenos, not cayenne!) they all came running, screaming, into the kitchen, downing water like crazy. Mouths afire for a few minutes (M) to almost half an hour (Boo). Fortunately, they all recovered enough to be able to state some things that they were thankful for. This culminated with M, having been thankful for some relatively mundane but nice things, declaring that she is "thankful for parsnips".
She collapsed into helpless laughter, as did Boo and Skibo. Parsnips has become the laugh-trigger of the moment, it seems.

Yours, with plenty to be thankful for,

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