Friday, September 25, 2009

Senator Kyl won't get pregnant

No matter how hard I try, I just *can't* seem to get Senator Kyl (Arizona, Stupid) pregnant. And as a consequence, he's probably absolutely correct: he doesn't need his health insurance to cover him if he gets pregnant.

Well, Senator Kyl, this is to me, exactly the point. I'd like our society to say: everyone should have health care, and society should bear the burden of paying for it: this is a predictable societal cost, and it would be a good thing for us all if we keep our society healthy: we could curb the ridiculous excesses, which are fewer than the cable shows would have us believe: we could curb the excessive insurance costs, which are less burdensome than some would have us believe: we could even pay for more doctors to go through medical school, provided they are willing to work for health instead of wealth as a primary goal. But as a starting point, we can begin by insuring everyone.

Yours, shouting that we need health insurance for all,

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