Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Just when LOML and I were discussing how happy we are with the children's school, and how wonderful Boo and Skibo's teachers are, we get slapped, as they say, upside the head.
Skibo brings home his report card (this is from 5K kindergarten, mind) and has a tick on every box at "making satisfactory progress". Okay, that's fine: he's too young for them to see what he's actually doing. Except. Except. Except he's one tick back of that for "recognizing geometric shapes". Arrrrrrrgggghhhhh..... if there's one thing he's not having problems with, it's recognizing circles, squares,
rectangles and triangles. It's something he's been able to do for two years now, at least. It's something we've played with a lot, especially since I'm a frickin mathematician and I do lot's of origami with him and ask him things like "what shape is this?" to which the answer is "square" or whatever.

We have our parent-teacher conference tomorrow, and this will come up.
Yours, grrrrring.

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