Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fired up about origami

Actually, at the moment, I'd describe it more as intrigued than fired up: but I've been told a few times in the past few weeks about precious metal clay sheets, a silver-and-binder product which can be folded, almost like paper, into various forms. One then fires it in a kiln, and out comes a silver, solid piece of origami.
The sheets are expensive enough that I'll think about this for a little while: but it seems like it would be fun to try. And I know people with kilns who could probably be talked into letting me fire them.

Unfortunately, the other similar products, gold, bronze and copper clays, don't come in a sheet form: I think that I'd most like to do some folding in bronze: not really sure why, just that it appeals more than the others. The bronze and copper products are rather new, so perhaps the sheet forms are round the corner.

At some point, once I have talked to some people with more experience in firing, I will probably give this a go. Not yet, but someday. Possibly even before the end of the year: I can imagine making little dolphin earrings as Christmas presents.

Yours, contemplating,

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