Monday, September 14, 2009

First soccer game

(That's football, of course). Boo being 6 and Skibo be 4, they get to play on the same 6-and-under team: and there being ten players on their team, they split into two teams of five, playing three on the field, two off at any one time.
Today they played their first game against another side: it was a rather one-sided result, though they did manage to score one goal. Actually, although the score was about fifty to one, they played reasonably well --- it's just that at that age, having one or two children who are much better can enable a side to dominate. And that's precisely what happened.

Fortunately, neither Boo nor Skibo seems to be seriously scarred by the experience. LOML and I, on the other hand....

Yours, glad the kids had a ball,

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