Friday, September 11, 2009

Meeting the teacher

LOML and I had a parent-teacher conference this afternoon with Boo's teacher: she seems extremely good, very well aware of where Boo is (reading way beyond her level --- and way beyond the rest of her class, ahead of schedule in everything) and with lots of good ideas about how to gently stretch her further. She also doesn't seem hidebound by the standardized tests that she has to live with, and cares about making sure that all the children in her class learn as much as they can. We left very very impressed.
One of the things we had explained was something about the different levels of reading, and the way the tests are done (there are multiple tests of reading, and you can't skip levels and test several levels up: so on test day, Boo has to go through multiple tests and still not reach her level!)
On returning home, I started looking at the reading lists they have online for their accelerated reading program: we've got lots of books to keep her interested, I think, for at least the next little while. There were some surprises in the lists, mind you --- books rated easier than others, books rated harder.
Winnie the Pooh was around the same level as the first Harry Potter, which was a huge surprise to me. Bottom line, I think that Boo just breezes through most of the list in a few months time, level-wise, at least.

Yours, proud of my little one,

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