Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last days of summer

Tomorrow is Labor Day (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose. It's a proper name, even if those who named it mis-spelled it.
It is the traditional day which marks the end of summer (just as last week's holiday does the same in the UK). As such, the outdoor pool closes for good tomorrow -- it's really been shut for a week, but they opened for today and tomorrow for one last fling.
We went to swim today, Boo and Skibo and me -- a lovely time --- and LOML will take them tomorrow, and I'll join them there as soon as I can. And next year, we are definitely going to rejoin the pool. It's been an absolute sanity saver this year, and probably will be for several years to come.

Oh, and the reason that I can't go out to the pool tomorrow when I want to? Well, let's just say that my state doesn't appreciate unions, and the idea of giving labour a day off is anathema to the spirit of most labourers here (silly, yes... but unfortunately true). As such, even though my university is a state institution, I don't get the day off.

Yours, labouring under several misapprehensions (not least that the state cares),

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