Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lessons learned

After constructing the gingerbread house, we learned some lessons.

The construction materials:
- make the gingerbread thinner than a 1/4 inch before baking
- use less baking powder in the mixture
- give the royal icing a really good long time in the mixer: it will achieve a better consistency

The design:
- The roof pieces were originally one inch longer than the front and back panels of the house --- they could easily be an inch longer still. They were okay as they are, but they'd be better with a little longer overlap.
- It would be good to cut off a small corner at the bottom of the back panel for a wire to run through, so the string of lights is easier to install.

The fun:
- This was fun! I suspect that as the kids get bigger, the houses will get more and more interesting --- and as LOML and I learn more about making them, we'll get more adventurous!

Yours, in retrospect,


Anonymous said...

yay for ginger bread houses, I''ve never actually made one but I would love to eventually.

here from michele's

Anonymous said...

yay for ginger bread houses, I''ve never actually made one but I would love to eventually.

here from michele's

flleenie said...

gingerbread house? you are a very brave man!!! I would never even consider to build a gingerbread house!

BTW,Michele says, "Hi"

Paul Nichols said...

A great job, indeed. And you must have the patience of Job.

Marry Christmas!

kenju said...

I hope you will do one each year, and post the results. Michele does too!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well done on your construction. Happy Christmas. Michele sent me here.

sister AE said...

Hello, Michele sent me to say Congratulations! And how excellent of you to write down reminders for next year.

My wife oversaw making gingerbread houses a couple of times back when she was a nanny. I believe instead of royal icing she used corn syrup, heated to help make it easier to spread. But you have to be very careful not to get burned (I speak from experience) and it takes a while to set up, so there is a lot of (usually impatient) holding of parts.

kenju said...

Michele sent me back to see your house again! I am resting for a minute between making devilled eggs and make-ahead mashed potatoes. Whew!

kontan said...

Here from Michele's to say you have more patience than I possess! It is trying mine just to make houses using graham crackers! I bet it was fun though.

Omykiss said...

It's so pretty it would be a terrible shame to actually eat it ...

Anonymous said...

This is marvellous. You won't believe but I wanted to come and see it for myself! I am as excited as your kids!

I am so glad Michele sends me to your blog!