Sunday, December 23, 2007

On putting two and two together

I was struck today by the phrase "putting two and two together": Boo is quite capable of doing this: we work on her counting skills all the time, and she can add one digit numbers quite consistently well.
But she hasn't put two and two together where Santa is concerned. And in contemplating that, I realised that the skills required to deduce something (say the likely non-existence of Santa) are rather more sophisticate than adding two and two together. Perhaps we should consider a rather more sophisticated phrase than "putting two and two together" to describe the process...

Yours, musing,


David Edward said...

so- like we say, "dividing the circumference by pi?

you are into the eggnog, aren't you? hehe

michele sent me to SHOUT
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

At 10 and a half, Button has not put two and two together when it comes to Santa and I hope she doesn't for a long time.