Saturday, December 1, 2007


Today I went to lunch with some people, just out to a local pub-and-grille(sic) near work --- and somewhat surprised to hear the waitress refer to one of the females in the group as "Babe". She did this several times, and it struck me as a very strange thing.
Mind you, it struck me as just as strange when she referred to one of the males present the same way --- "Babe": I am assuming that the only reason she didn't refer to me that way is that I am older than dirt. Well, young dirt, anyway.

Yours, un-babe-like,


kenju said...

Babe might be better than ma'am, which I get all the time; expecially since I quit coloring my hair.....LOL

alice c said...

In Cornwall you are quite likely to be called 'my lover'. I think that I would rather be called 'Babe'