Thursday, December 13, 2007

Movie nights

Once or twice a week we try to set aside the evening for a movie night with Boo and Skibo: tonight we decided to try The Polar Express: I had seen the movie several times last year when it came out on television, and had loved it: so we bought a copy of the dvd a few weeks ago.
I had a few concerns, both because it suggests the existence of doubt, and at the moment neither Boo nor Skibo are in any doubt at all; and also because it has some, shall we say exciting, moments. Nothing really scary to an adult, but to small children??

Well, the scary parts were seen as scary by both, especially Boo --- but sitting on Mummy and Daddy's laps at various times helped ease the fears --- and the fact that I had seen it, and could provide reassurance that everything would be alright helped too. As to the doubt, it didn't seem to register the way I had feared it might.

And again, I am left stunned by the imagination and beauty of the animation: it is absolutely amazingly realistic: you can really see that the conductor is Tom Hanks!
The animated characters really seem to act.

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gautami tripathy said...

It is great fun to watch Animation films with kids. I have doneit often enough with my nephews and nieces.

Michele sent me here to your blog after VERY long!

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Teena in Toronto said...

Can you believe I still haven't seen this movie?

Anonymous said...

my kids saw it a couple of weeks ago and i think they liked it a lot. it's not my cup of tea and i can't really say why. my son (6 years old) has always been skeptical (since he was two he has asked if sant a is really real) so there was nothing new there for him.

stopping by from micheles :)


Shari said...

It's amazing what the computer can do to create such animated characters. The Barbie movies are like that, too.

I just recently watched The Polar Express. I thought it was a good movie. Every time I think that they couldn't possibly come up with another Christmas movie, they do.

BTW, Michele sent me to say hello. :)