Saturday, December 8, 2007

It'll be seventy six degrees for the big parade

It'll be seventy six degrees for the big parade
And feel like eighty three in the shade
And the heat will melt the cookies and ruin all the stuff
That LOML and I have patiently made

'Cause although Christmas comes in a fortnight's time
And we might dream for snow on the ground
Global warming's here so the snow is nowhere near
And the icicles are nowhere to be found.

Seriously. Seventy six degrees. That's like twenty five in real degrees!
Hot summer's day in the UK, a few years ago. And it is December.

Yours, with apologies to 1950's musicals,


CAM said...

Couldn't post on Michele, but you were next. Here our weather was 17 degrees F with about 12 inches of snow on the ground. It will probably all blow away before Christmas, but sure made today feel like the season...

Here from Michele...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Here in Virginia, we're supposed to hit 70 this week, 3 days in a row!
Michele sent me to commiserate with you about the non-Christmas type weather tonight.
Very funny!