Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday concert

We went to see the school holiday concert this evening: unlike last year, both children were participating, which was nice. They both did a fantastic job, especially of paying attention to the teachers. Skibo is particularly enthusiastic in his gestures (and considering that his new khaki slacks --- when did khaki start coming in black??? --- were read to slip off his hips at any moment, this was extremely daring!) leading LOML to suggest that he may have a career in the theatre ahead of him:-)
Boo had a lovely swing to her as she sang: swaying beautifully in time with the music, in a very professional-singer-looking way. She also has superb diction, and a lovely sense of pitch: I do hope she continues to enjoy singing and gets good at it --- not for a career, or anything: just so that she can be a great singer and enjoy it.

This morning, while I was dropping the little ones at school, Skibo's teacher thanked me for the brioche au chocolat, and said that she wished I'd make her bread. I pointed to the bag in my hand, and explained that Boo was taking bread in for her sharing day in class, and when Skibo next shared, he could take some too.
I realised when I got home that I had two loaves rising, and so baked them a little sooner and a little faster than I usually would, and took one back with me for her. I think that it really made her day!

Yours, in the Christmas mood,


Omykiss said...

School concerts are a great 'feel good' factor for everyone ... a sure fire 'win, win' situation for all concerned!!! Now I feel sad that my kids are too big for school .. then again maybe not!

awareness said...

I have a bunch of photos from the Christmas concert I attended and will post some this weekend I think. This was my last one, sadly.

I'm in the Christmas spirit too. I love this time of year. Will be baking goodies on Friday with Martha.......we have the whole day set aside to hang out in the kitchen. Yummy.