Sunday, December 2, 2007

We've reached the "I want's"

Sitting with children on my lap, discussing what they want for Christmas, leafing through a catalogue (so that grandparents can order online exactly what they want), both children reached a milestone. Simultaneously.

They can both want more than 50% of all the things in the catalogue --- on many pages, point at every thing there, and say "I want this, I want that, I want,...."

We're thinking about getting them just a couple of gifts. Somehow, I think that there may be a little disappointment in their future! I'd better hide the catalogues soon....

Yours in avarice,

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Omykiss said...

I know I'm old-fashioned ... but I reckon the "i want ..." should more often be answered with a 'No, sorry but we don't need that right now'. More often than not the "I want ...." will go away to be replaced by another and another and another ... a few gifts sounds good to me.