Sunday, December 30, 2007

Since we are in ridiculously warm weather

we made ice cream yesterday.
Actually, the weather is not that warm, but Boo had asked for an ice-cream maker for Christmas. Santa in his infinite wisdom had realised that Mummy and Daddy already had an ice-cream maker (two, in fact: one an electric model, the other named Breadbox) and so brought her a book of ice-cream recipes instead. Funnily enough, it looked just like the book Mummy and Daddy already had, the one that went missing sometime on Christmas Eve.....
So Boo and Skibo and I made mint chocolate chip ice-cream yesterday: my first foray into a custard based ice-cream, which made for lots of fun, more work, and a nice smooth creamy rich texture. We used a mix of a bit of green creme de menthe and peppermint essence, so that the ice-cream would have a nice green tinge.
Delicious, if we do say so ourselves!

Yours, shivering,


Joke said...

I think the creme de menthe will also impart a subtle glow to those who partake thereof.


awareness said...

You know what? It's never too cold outside for ice cream. Now I wish I had asked for an ice cream maker. I'm craving some green ice cream right now to go with my french white I'm sipping on. :)

Bobkat said...

I have thought about getting an icecream maker but I wondered if the ice cream they made was any good. Sounds like yours went down a treat!

happy New Year to you and yours!